Dear aspiring traveler, 

My name is Dave, and I know how you feel. I always wanted to be a travel junkie, but I never understood how people afforded it. International flights are way too expensive, right?

Well last year, a friend introduced me to the concept of mistake fares. This is when airlines make a simple pricing error or miscalculation, and you get ENORMOUS discounts! 

I kid you not, it changed my life.

Since then I have gone to 8 different countries, and spent less than I do on most domestic flights! I started helping my friends cross items off their bucket lists too... and then word started to spread. 

I started this site because I love helping people explore the world, and I wanted to do more of it! I haven't seen everything I want to yet but, lucky for both of us, I'm just getting started. 

Welcome aboard, 

Dave Peterson

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